Bonnie Grebner

Artist’s Statement

Art has always been a part of my life, but took a back seat to my analytical ‘day job’. Retirement now provides the opportunity to explore my creative side. I’m taking a break from raku pottery, doing fused glass. Both glass and pottery are fired to high temperatures, but there are many differences. All of my glazes are a drab gray before they are fired, and each raku firing might produce different unexpected bright colors. With glass, the colors usually remain the same after firing. I’m enjoying this difference. When I plan a fused glass assembly, it usually turns out the way I planned. All of these pieces are inspired by nature and hopefully pleasing to the eye.


Bonnie Grebner was a teacher for six years and an engineering analyst at John Deere for 26 years. She studied photography, pottery and fused glass with emphasis on raku pottery. Her raku mentors were Nina Ward and Doug Reynolds. While working at John Deere, she taught adult evening pottery classes at the Waterloo Art Museum for eight years. Her work has shown in Waterloo area galleries, Bishop Hill, Kewanee, Peoria, Galesburg, Kansas City and galleries throughout the Quad Cities. In 1997 her angel sculpture was selected by the Dayton/Marshall Field’s Stores for their one of kind hand built Christmas item and sold throughout the U.S.