David R. Anderson

Artist’s Statement

I am a plein air painter. I love to be outside in tune with all my senses waiting for that tingle in my spine that says stop, this is where I should paint.

My paintings are about light; in a way the subject matter itself isn’t as important. It’s the quality of light creating the mood and feeling I experienced in these locations that moved me.

I’ve come to realize that it’s the cool light of a foggy morning, the warm light of a sunny afternoon, and the beauty of the light as the sun is setting, that make the locations special. To be able to share the wonder and beauty of the world that God created for us makes it all worthwhile.


Son of missionary parents, David Anderson was born in Bogota, Columbia, and lived 12 years in Venezuela. He attended the University of Nebraska then the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After two years at the academy he was drafted into the Marines and was accepted into the combat artist program, where he became one of a select group of five combat artists serving in Vietnam.

After returning from Vietnam, he continued his studies at the academy. He then moved to the Quad Cities to work in the John Deere advertising department. Retiring in the fall of 2010, he is now pursuing his life long dream of painting full time.