Dean Kugler

Artist’s Statement

I am an artist that focuses on the beauty I find within our species. I have always
been motivated by the human figure and the intricacies associated with it. There is a shared experience between the artist and the viewer that better allows me to convey thoughts, feelings and emotions than with any other subject matter. Additionally, I try to use scale and the juxtaposition of disparate elements, in order to engage and challenge the viewer. Elements such as strength and weakness or beauty and damage can be experienced simultaneously within the same piece of work to create a tense energy. I also mix the technical skill of tight rendering with the dynamism of abstrac- tion. It is this energy that I am looking to use to bring additional excitement and intrigue to my work.
Finally, my influences range from Richard MacDonald and his classical take on the figure to Javier Marin who sculpts from his most visceral self. While I am not interesting in emulating these artists, I do recognize their importance in art as living artists working in the current market and I am looking to tap into their passion and subsequent success.


Dean Kugler has a BFA in sculpture and design from Western Illinois University. He became interested in the human form while studying ki- nesiology in college. After graduation he began a design/build company and focused on raising his kids. In 2010, he returned to painting and sculpting, eventually partnering with Pat Bereskin and Jason Frank in order to start a studio that linked their creative spirits as well as creating an outlet where they could share that creativity. That endeavor eventually became “Bereskin Fine Art Gallery and Studio.” Dean prefers to work on a monumental scale. His smaller sculptures have been studies for larger pieces that range from 7’ to 21’ tall. He has been in the top 25 out of 1500 artists from all over the world at ARTPRIZE the last two years.