Larry John Davis

Artist’s Statement

My undergraduate art experience in the 1960s at the University of Iowa, as well as later graduate study there, left me with an appreciation for both realistic and abstract art. While I still use both approaches, the oil paintings in the current exhibit are mostly in an abstract manner. The “Earthscape” series has its roots in the shapes, colors and vistas of the Midwest. Hopefully, there is evidence of 50 years of figure drawing present in the organic designs of many of the works. Complex color relationships have also become a paramount objective in my expressive efforts.


Larry J. Davis, a native Iowan, grew up along the Mississippi River. After attaining a BA in Fine Art at the University of Iowa he completed a fouryear tour with the USAF in England before returning to the Midwest to begin his professional arts career. In 1986 Davis moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he took a position at what is now Florida State College at Jacksonville, serving as both a full time Professor of Art and for many years as art department coordinator. During this time he finished Masters Degree studies at Jacksonville University while also pursuing an active artistic output and exhibition schedule. His 2010 retirement from academia saw a long awaited return to full time studio activity. The 2012 relocation of Davis Studio to Knoxville, IL was an opportunity to reunite with the Midwest culture and landscape that has long been inspiring to the artist.