3rd-5th Grade STEAM: Protons & Electrons: Elementary Concepts of Chemistry (1/8/19-2/12/19)


$150 for one 6-week session + $25 material fee
January 8 – February, 12, 2019
Tuesdays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

The Elementary Concepts of Chemistry is a comprehensive course that introduces the students to fundamental concepts chemistry like the structure of an atom, elements and compounds, chemical bonding and introduction to chemical reactions and their types. This will be accompanied by fun experiments that the students will be able to experience first-hand.
Week 1: History of structure of atom
Week 2: Arrangement of nucleons & electrons
Week 3: What are elements? What are compounds? Why are they different? Lewis structures?
Week 4: Dalton, chemical bonding and types of bonds, naming compounds
Week 5: Chemistry around us
Week 6: Introduction of types of chemical reactions

Instructor: Samuel McCullum

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*3rd-5th grade

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