6th-8th Grade STEAM: Quarks & Gluons: Nature of Chemistry (1/11/19-2/15/19)


$125 for one 6-week session + $25 material fee
Fridays, January 11 – February, 15, 2019
5:30 – 7:30 pm

The nature of this chemistry class gives the students a more in-depth look at the concepts of electrochemistry, and thermo chemistry. Activities will include properties in elements, acids/bases and the math of chemistry all while conducting fun experiments. The students will get to handle diluted acids and bases.
Week 1: Periodic table
Week 2: Acids and bases
Week 3: Acid-base reactions
Week 4: Electrolysis introduction
Week 5: Electrolysis
Week 6: Thermal energy and chemical reactions

Instructor: Samuel McCullum

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*6th-8th grade

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