Exploring Abstracts


March 23 from 10 am – 4pm

Explore abstraction in this fun and experimental class. You can work in soft pastels, drawing media or  acrylics for this class. Goals for this class are to have fun, loosen up and experiment. You will learn how to work intuitively, get abstract ideas for paintings and be more expressive. Instructor will also bring materials to share and purchase.

What you should bring:

Heavy weight paper like print making, mixed media or watercolor paper
Soft pastels and other drawing media like charcoal and graphite
Heavy body acrylic paints in basic colors like white, black, yellow, red and blue.
Brushes and palette knife for mixing paint.
Palette and water bucket
Masking tape and backing board for your paper
Small bottle of clear gesso for pastel artists


Additional information


Debora Stewart