Fall 2019 Newsletter

Fall 2019 / Volume 1 / Issue 5

Oil Painting Class

Oil paints have been many artists’ first choice for hundreds of years. This medium, above all others, has had the most significant impact on the development of painting. The versatility of oil paint allows it to become an essential factor in realizing new artistic visions. It remains today the epitome of artistic expression.

Learning to see and then being able to draw what you see are the two most valuable skills a beginning oil painter can have. Therefore, in our class we spend time drawing and understanding values in order to capture what we see on a canvas. The more an artist draws, the better his or her ability to paint becomes.

Using color is the reason we paint; it’s one of the most beautiful experiences we will have. It is also one of the hardest aspects to learn and understand. As the class progresses students begin the journey to learn and use color. It is an ongoing but enjoyable experience!

Artists want to share something with a viewer. It could be about a mood or a feeling we have about our subject matter. Accurately portraying the subject or precisely rendering what lies before us isn’t enough. A painting works when the image we create successfully communicates our feelings in this language of art.

It has been a privilege to pass on to others what I have learned about painting. Watching new students delight in their artistic creation has been my great reward. 

Enjoy the following testimonials of current students in our Saturday Oil Painting class.