NOW SHOWING: “Big Sky” by Hans Olson

Exhibit runs June 29th – July 25th

“I paint because I cannot not paint, if that makes any sense. It is my spiritual path, one that delivers me fron the stress of this crazy world. Since returning to Iowa I have become increasingly interested in plein air painting. Painting ‘en plein air’ (in the open air) is a pursuit unlike any other painting technique. It challenges me to concentrate every sensory nerve on the information in front of me. I love the experience– from sight to sound, from temperature to atmosphere, and then channeling all those feelings from head to hand, re-creating the vision in front of me on canvas. It is truly a spiritual experience for me. Painting en plein air takes me out of my mind and into peace and happiness.”

After years spent out West painting, Hans decided to do something he had never considered since he graduated from high school 23 years earlier. He felt a calling to return to the Midwest and began painting the motifs that inspired him in his youth. “It took almost a year to appreciate the natural beauty of this area after coming from the island of Maui. Now I look forward to the change of seasons with great anticipation. The simple landscape with it’s huge sky and rolling prairies inspires me now.”