February 1st – Opening Reception for Under Construction: Recent Works by Corrine Smith

Please join us from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

The I-74 bridge isn’t the only thing under construction on the Iowa side of the river. For over 30 years artist Corrine Smith has been building artworks by merging line, design and print making creating unique one of a kind masterpieces. Beréskin Gallery is proud to share her newest creations, many never publicly shown. 

“Each piece begins with several drawings combined; often one over another. Rendering form and space guides the underlying structure and composition of my work,” says Smith, an Adjunct Assistant professor of Studio Art at Augustana College. 

About the Artist

Corrine Smith is an independent mixed media artist and educator. She received her MFA from the University of Kentucky in 1983. A Rock Island native she returned to Rock Island with her family in 1989. Upon her return, a stay at home Mom, Corrine became active and involved in many school and community art projects and programs working as a visiting artist/teacher. She has been the co-director of “Kaleidoscope” (a children’s art program) since 1996. She joined the faculty of Augustana College in 2004 and continues to teach as an Adjunct Assistant professor of Studio Art. Her work can be found in regional, national, and international exhibits, as well as private and corporate collections.

Artist’s Statement

The evolution of my art has been a natural additive progression. My art is a reflection of my life.  I have yet to exhaust exploring the formal elements and principles of design. While some works take on a recognizable structural imagery, I enjoy creating nonrepresentational works as well. My compositions are full of dimension, expression, texture and pattern. Currently my choice of media is acrylic paint, handmade papers and mono-prints.

Each piece begins with several drawings combined; often one over another.  Rendering form and space guides the underlying structure and composition of my work. I approach the work intuitively by laying in color choices, be it paint, papers or prints. The process of making paper and mono-prints allows me to produce a unique unit to add to the composition; the papers and prints are selected for immediate color and texture. As the composition develops, each piece is rotated, and shapes and lines get covered up and often new ones are created. For me, the evolution of the painting is an exciting, unknown journey that compels me to create.

My largest source of applicable information is from the preceding painting.  I am always striving for an aesthetic surprise. My ongoing goal is to keep an open mind, expand my perception and continue to create.